Hello my name is Ryan Ebert. I'm a lifelong student of the arts living and working in southern Wisconsin.

I have always considered myself an artist, and for over the last decade I've made it a profession. I'm currently working as the Art Director for Hoard’s Dairyman and Hay & Forage Grower magazines. This role pulls upon a wide range of my skill sets. Photography, design, print production, and everything in between in order to output the combined 26 issues a year.

In addition to this full time position, I always have some project going on with my freelance work. Portrait photography from seniors to weddings take up my time during the warm weather months. In the winter I'm usually carving and painting folk art fish decoys, which I use, trade and give as gifts.

I'm also very active with the almost 100 year old American Agricultural Editors Association. I've served for many years on the Photography and Design committees. In 2015 I was elected to a three year term on the Board of Directors.

My wife and I are in the slow process of restoring our 140 year old home that we purchased in 2011. To me it's an art project on a massive scale. To see the beauty in a home that had long been neglected and bring it back life.

When time permits we love to travel, work in the garden, go camping, fishing, and just be outdoors as much as possible.

Associate of Applied Arts in Graphic Design
Currently working on a Certificate in Photojournalism through NYIP

2016 AAEA Andy Markwart Horizon Award
2016 Honorable Mention Fran Achen Photography Show
Mary Hoard Art Show 2015 Third Place 3-D Art
AAEA 2014 Second Place Digital Design
AAEA 2013 Second Place Special Publication Design
AAEA 2013 Second Place Cover Design
AAEA 2012 First Place Photo Award
Two AAEA 2012 Honorable Mention Photo Award's
AAEA 2011 Honorable Mention Photo Award
AAEA 2011 Second Place Design Award
AAEA 2010 Third Place Design Award
AAEA 2009 Second Place Photo Award
AAEA 2009 Honorable Mention Photo Award
AAEA 2008 Second Place Photo Award
Yahara Journal Art Show 2007 First Place Illustration

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